What data does collect about you?
When you visit our website, we collect your IP address and data about your operating system, your mobile device, your internet browser and your activities on the page, e.g. which pages you view, your searches, etc. We do not want to collect sensitive data about you , unless you have given them to us yourself. If you sign up for our newsletter, we collect your name and email address. 

How do we use your data?
We use data about you to create a profile of you, provide you with targeted marketing to the extent that we run campaigns, prevent irregularities and optimize our website. According to Article 6 of the Personal Data Regulation, we may process your data if:
a) you have consented to this, signed up for our newsletter and/or accepted cookies
b) it is done to fulfill an agreement with you, or
c) we have a legitimate interest in improving and managing our services and your consent, etc., and this interest exceeds any inconvenience to you.
If you withdraw consent, our processing of your data will only continue if it is necessary to fulfill an agreement with you or can be based on a balancing of interests.

Who gets access to your data?
Suppliers and third parties who work for us may have access to your data, but may only use it to fulfill the tasks we ask them to do and within the purposes we have mentioned above. It can be, for example, companies that help us with IT and customer support.

How long do we store data?
We keep your data for as long as you use our services. Storage is necessary to fulfill the purposes we have mentioned, or other legitimate purposes and obligations, such as being able to document our processing. If you withdraw your consent, we will delete your data, unless our processing can continue on another processing basis. We normally delete your data no later than ½ – 1 year after the purpose of storage has ceased, however, data about your online behavior is stored in Google Analytics for up to 26 months and will then be automatically deleted. We have ensured adequate and high protection of your data and rights.

Your rights
You can gain insight into the data we process about you and demand that the data be corrected or deleted, or that our use thereof be restricted. If you legitimately object to our processing, we may no longer process your data. In some cases, data you have provided to us may be disclosed or sent to a third party. If you have given us your consent to receive marketing material etc., you can revoke this at any time via

Contact and complaints's DPO is Allan Hansen and can be contacted at, on telephone 24 46 55 12 or by letter Møllevej 61, 4930 Maribo. You can also complain about our data processing to the Danish Data Protection Authority, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 København K,

Our personal data policy can be changed, but will always be visible on our website. If we change our personal data policy and this has an impact on the processing of data about you, we will inform you of this.

When you visit, your internet browser exchanges information with our servers, and in this way you leave electronic traces - also called COOKIES. These cookies contain, for example, information about:
• which pages you have looked at with us, when and for how long
• which internet browsers you use
• what screen resolution you have
• which operating system you use
• which device you visit the website with (computer, tablet or mobile)
• what other website you came from

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small data file that allows information to be stored, or to access information already stored on the user's PC, smartphone, tablet or similar, with the aim of obtaining data about the user. Read more here
You can read more about the cookie decree at The Danish Business Authority's website.

Your acceptance
When you first visit, you will be informed about our use of cookies, and here you have the option to click off all cookies other than technically necessary. You must actively choose or opt out of which cookies we may collect and use.
If you later regret your choice in relation to cookies, you simply have to follow the link at the bottom of this page, which guides you on how to delete your cookies. After this, you will again be presented with the option to say "no thanks to cookies".

Delete cookies
We hope that you will allow cookies from, as they partly help us to improve the website and partly help you not to have to choose the same things over and over again.
If you do not wish to receive cookies from, you must select advanced cookie settings in your browser's internet settings and add to the list of websites you want to block cookies from. Here you can also delete individual cookies or allied cookies that your browser has saved.
If you set your browser to block cookies from, you must be aware that some of the website's functions may no longer work.
Find more information about delete all cookies here.